Nike never sees to amaze me for the past 6 months I have been attending the Free NTC (nike training club) classes and it has been a real life changing experience starting with me being healthier and fitter to making new friends and for the past month they did the #Chooseyourwinter events which was a great deal.

This week has been another great surprise for some of my workout friends from NTC which got selected to participate in this once in a lifetime experience that I’m sure will change them forever.
2014-12-13 08.58.33
#ProjectNorth is their latest project and is the first time they have done something like this and let me tell you I’m looking forward to the next one. The journey of the lucky ones started early morning this past Tuesday and got them being transported in a airplane, a bus and a helicopter ride to their final destination Bugaboo lodge B.C. from there it was a series of intense running with Canadian Olympians and NTC workouts with Master trainer Eva Redpath.

Check out the #Projectnorth and relieve this amazing experience and remember if you’re in the Toronto area they have free NTC classes at the Academy of lions and free running group at 548 Richmond street aka “the loft”.
2014-12-13 08.59.17


One thought on “#ProjectNorth

  1. I am pretty sure you will be in the next Project North. You are training really hard and motivating many people and your friends that we loved you will be there cheering for you!


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