Just do it!

As a stay home mom of three little girls, I know how hard it is to find the time to do something. Between school, cooking, cleaning, etc it seems there’s no hours left for you and when you finally get to rest you just want to sleep pretty much or at least that was me, […]

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Ten Tips to a Happy 2015

Originally posted on Caroline Renae:
1. Smile more. Radiate positive energy, you’ll like what comes in return. 2. Let others know that you appreciate them. If you’re living away from your family like I am, remember to call your parents/siblings/grandparents! 3. Know your worth. The second you feel that you need to prove your worth/validity…

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REVEAL men’s Calvin Klein!

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the launch of the newest fragrance from Calvin Klein “REVEAL” for men. It was an evening full of delicious food, wonderful friends and of course the sweetest man on earth, Dave Lackie (@davelackie). Follow him on tweeter, instagram and Facebook to see I’m not joking when […]

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Back then and now!

I have some exciting news to share with you, I just entered my first race of my adulthood,  it’s the 10k Sporting life in support to send a kid with cancer to summer camp so just for that I am extremely happy to be helping a good cause. I am beyond static for this race, when […]

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New year, New Me!

Happy New year to all of you, I hope your holidays were as fun and relaxing as mine. As 2015 is starting is time to do it all over again,  365 days we have to do something awesome, to make someone happy, to finish that something. 2015 is my year and I say that every […]

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