Back then and now!


I have some exciting news to share with you, I just entered my first race of my adulthood,  it’s the 10k Sporting life in support to send a kid with cancer to summer camp so just for that I am extremely happy to be helping a good cause.

I am beyond static for this race, when I was 8 years old I started running in school and I was good, actually I was great by the time I reached 11 years old I was on my way to become something big at least in my couches eyes I was. I won so many races and team relays and I was particularly great at 100 metres with hurdles.
When a professional couch reached to me to tell me he wanted to train me to make me a great athlete I didn’t hesitate and said YES. I was ready to train and sacrifice a lot to become the best of my Country and then the unplanned happened, I got sick, very sick in fact I almost died of Chickenpox, see when you get chickenpox as a teenager or adult there’s somewhat of a danger but when you get them from the inside of your body there’s a greater risk and that’s what happened to me, mine were developing on the inside of my body and only a few came outside mostly in my face (the reminder of that is every time I look in the mirror and see my nose) one in my wrist and one around my knee, thankfully I got those in the outside because my doctor though it was just a really bad flu until we discovered one and that’s when I got really sick, needless to say I was sick for more than a month and lost my energy and will and everything.
As an 11-year-old the moment I saw myself again the mirror I cried, I cried so much for many reasons, one vain but valid was that I tough my life was over because I had a huge scar in the middle of face and no one would ever love me or think that I was pretty, second because my dreams of becoming a professional athlete was over, third because I realized that people who said were my friends weren’t. My family and couch pushed me to get back to training and not give up but sadly I did.

It took me a while to get over the fact that things don’t always turned out the way you want but I did it and I found a new sport something that was very new to our Country and my city “handball”.
When my former basketball couch told me about it I was totally in and it was one of the best things that has ever happened to me, be a part of the team, we traveled across the Country representing our city and I came second to be picked to represent the national team,
I would never know why I was second but anyway I played for 5 years straight and dedicated my time to train everyday and weekends till I reached the age of University and that’s when Handball passed from being my priority to the least of my worries, then life happen and here we are now.

So when I registered for the race I felt like an athlete again and you know what they say if you have a body, you’re and athlete and it’s true so get out there and push your limits, don’t let fear and the unknown get you and be active, walk, jog, run, train, jump and be happy doing it.


One thought on “Back then and now!

  1. I am so happy for you!! I know first hand what being active does for you, and now writing in your blog (I find it kind of therapeutic ). You are really good at it, Congratulations my friend!!😘

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