New discoveries!

As I grow so does my makeup,  I have been experimenting lately with different brands and trying new products left and right. You want to be able to say this is my favorite mascara or lipstick or foundation, etc and for me I felt I was sleeping while the makeup world was having fun.

My first encounter with real makeup I kid you not was approximately one year ago when I was lucky enough to be selected to have a makeover by the wonderful people in the tv show cityline fashion friday. I was feeling lucky enough already to have scored tickets to the show and now being in the spotlight was truly a dream come true.

I was treated to a hair and makeup makeover and as you will see from the pics, I needed it. The way I felt when they show me how I looked, was very emotional because here you have a 30 year old mom of three beautiful girls with no time in her hands to do the work that these guys were able to do and just to see what makeup can truly do for you was amazing.  I cried and almost ruin my perfect makeup before the big tv revealed.
Makeup can do miracles for a person and for me it was not just a miracle but it was an eye opening as to what I can do with a little but of this and a little bit of that. I love myself the way I am but being able to enhance someone’s natural beauty with Makeup and see it was a life changer.

Let’s play with makeup.


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