Get Out Here Part 2

Check my post . Get Out Here Toronto Part 1 I got up at 5:30 am on Sunday November 20th, I had to be at 229 Richmond street west by 6:30 am to Run Set Go with NRC (Nike Run Club). We got to try gear to help us get out and conquer the elements. […]

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Get Out Here Toronto Part 1

To celebrate that now delivers to Canada, Nike Toronto organized a three day series of events from November 18th till Saturday November 20th. The custom built crate was the perfect opportunity to preview cold weather innovations, shop looks and to finally being able to personalized that dreamy shoe. We were able to test […]

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Nike Women’s 15k Toronto!

June 14, 2015 a day that will live forever in my memory, it was the day that I prove to myself that mind over matter always wins and that no matter what you’re going through,  you will always see the finish line. The weekend started off with an awesome floating studio in lake ontario called […]

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Shiseido WetForce!

I had the privilege to attend the VIP Dinner Launch for the new Sunscreen formula from Shiseido (@shiseido_canada) hosted by the wonderful Dave Lackie (@davelackie). Talking about Sunscreen is a first for me. I have always believed that because my skin was dark, I didn’t need it and the sun wouldn’t affect me as someone […]

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Just do it!

As a stay home mom of three little girls, I know how hard it is to find the time to do something. Between school, cooking, cleaning, etc it seems there’s no hours left for you and when you finally get to rest you just want to sleep pretty much or at least that was me, […]

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